Ana Filipa

About Me

About Me

I am Ana Filipa, born and raised in Lisbon, Portugal!

Everyone who knows me well recognizes my tendency to see the big picture, plan, organize, and get things done – very determined. That´s how I start.

I finished University with a master’s in management and industrial engineering, knowing I wanted to work as a consultant. At this time, I was not aware of my determination. So, I planned and chased it unconsciously through training, studying, and job applications.

Finally, in 2007, I started working as an ISO consultant.

Daily, I became more passionate about quality, processes, organization, and productivity.

I was fortunate to lead several different projects, and my excitement to learn, search, and help my clients got me to embrace so many other fields: Project Management, ISO Standards, process analysis and improvement, strategy, change management, lean management, business, finance, and every topic I found useful to understand and ensuring that I offer nothing but the best of to those I serve.

On a personal note, I’ve discovered that the essence of consultancy transcends mere technical know-how; it’s about mastering the art of human connection. So, I study tools like coaching, mentoring, and emotional intelligence. With these, I’ve enhanced my skills to not only address organizational needs but also to resonate with individuals on a deeper level, fostering communication and motivation.

I’ve witnessed firsthand how conflicts and interpersonal challenges can stymie progress. Conflicts and other interpersonal problems can easily block a consulting process.

As I grew up as a consultant and team manager, I realized some professionals navigate their careers in solitude, battling obstacles that needn’t be faced alone. The feeling of “I can help you” brought me here. The desire to share knowledge (information, tools, strategies,…) became stronger and stronger. The courage arrived to be the ally in their journey towards success.

So, why am I here? To share what I’ve learned and help you out. I want to give you what I know, expecting it to make a difference and inspire you to tackle problems, try new things, and just keep moving forward. Welcome to a place where we mix knowledge with motivation and can make big things happen together!

I hope it will enable you to access impact information to inspire you to overcome challenges, dare to do it differently, and move….

Accepting challenges, opportunities to grow, and staying on top of the latest trends and practices in business and consulting: in 2022, we moved to the USA to Pennsylvania State. Let´s go!!!!

I asked my friends to describe me in 3 words! This was the result 😊

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